How to use this platform

The HEPCOM platform gathers tools that are developed and tested in European health projects. Hence they are sufficiently flexible to be applied within different European countries or provide inspiration to create specific local solutions based on good experiences from others.

The tools in the HEPCOM platform are organized in a systematic way by applying the management cycle, which illustrates an ideal working process for the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of projects, activities or interventions.

By clicking on the different phases in the management cycle, you will find tools and good practice examples that are related to each specific phase and which can assist and inspire you to work in a more structured and informed way.

The platform also contains sections with European resources and databases where you can find links to statistical databases and research oriented material.

National tools will also be included in the HEPCOM platform. If you click on the national section, each flag will lead you to relevant material which has been developed by your national ministries, agencies or other relevant institutions in your country.