HEPCOM Project: preventing overweight and obesity among children and young people

What is the aim of the project?

To increase the number and quality of local community and school interventions for promoting healthy eating and physical activity among children and young people throughout Europe.

Why an online platform?

To promote the dissemination and actual use of existing high quality tools by making them easily accessible and usable for everyday practice by policy makers and professionals.

Who is the target audience?

Policy makers and professional practitioners will directly benefit from the project as they will gain knowledge and inspiration from the learning platform, which may assist them in their work in health promotion.

Who is involved in the project?

The 21 HEPCOM partners, from 16 EU countries, will closely collaborate with local communities and other organisations active in Public Health projects.The pilot projects with the local communities will run until September 2015. The platform will be ready in August 2016.

How will local communities be engaged?

The HEPCOM learning platform invites local communities to share their experiences and tools to work on obesity prevention. The HEPCOM learning platform provides room for dialogue, inspiration and networking between local communities in order to strengthen our tools to address obesity.

Which tools will be eligible?

All methods, guidelines, conceptual frameworks and templates that local communities use to plan and structure their health promoting activities for children and young people.

How may the tools be used?

Selected tools may be used to improve policy development, strategic planning and action planning of interventions / health promoting activities, and the evaluation of such interventions.

How is the project funded?

The total budget for the HEPCOM project is about 1.7 million euro, of which about 60% is co-funded by the European Commission’s Health Programme.